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What we do

A systematic, experienced approach to help you get to the bottom of your packaging problem quickly.

Our complete packaging expertise and knowledge applied to staff training, university or high school lecturing.

For those legal matters where expertise matters most. Our director, Pierre Pienaar, is an experienced expert witness.

Allow us to source sustainable packaging without compromising the protection of your product within.

Expert packaging solutions for all industries.

Most companies cannot afford their own experienced, full-time, qualified, in-house packaging technologist

Yet, all companies require packaging expertise to ensure more effective, efficient and economical packaging. From purchasing, procurement, production, marketing and design through to technical, supplier audits and specifications, PackTech Solutions can cover each base to deliver end-to-end packaging solutions.

Packaging materials PackTech works with:

  • Glass
  • Paper
  • Metal
  • Board
  • Plastics