Legal matters

If you’re looking for a packaging expert witness, there is none more capable and experienced than our director, Pierre Pienaar.

While we hope you don’t find yourself in a position where you require a packaging expert witness, sometimes things don’t go as planned. Kept busy as an expert witness for a range of packaging issues that have cost companies millions, consider calling on Pierre if there appears to be an issue heading for court or lawyers. Call us directly to ask for his expert advice to be used in a court case or in an out-of-court settlement. We recommend calling sooner rather than later as his expert opinion and advice can make all the difference to the outcome.

Considerations to be made to avoid legal implications:

  • ensure packaging protects the product throughout the supply chain
  • ensure machinery does not damage the pack
  • ensure that the correct machinery/equipment is being used in an automated packaging line
  • ensure the pack is compliant with specifications and standards
  • ensure that all packaging protocols are being followed
  • ensure pack and product are compatible
  • ensure pack is tamper evident
  • ensure supply chain is efficient enough to protect product and pack
  • ensure sustainable material has been used

Avoid the legal headache by choosing Pierre as your packaging expert witness

Prof. Pierre Pienaar

Pierre’s Expertise

Pierre holds a Master of Science in Packaging Engineering and Technology as well as a Masters in Production Management.

Through education, we believe that consumers can come to appreciate the value and importance of packaging; particularly if the packaging is appropriately recycled. Our packaging expert consultants work directly with organisations and companies to train staff to be the smartest, most informed designers, producers and consumers of packaging. This added knowledge within a company always leads to fewer problems and greater cost savings—both for their business and for the planet.

Sustainable packaging, that has the lowest possible impact on the environment is an endeavour we are incredibly passionate about pursuing here at PackTech. We are very aware we cannot fight this cause on our own. We educate consumers wherever we can, and our expert packaging consultants work directly with testing labs. Visiting packaging producers around the world, our team attends conferences and expos regularly to ensure we have the latest knowledge in sustainable packaging ideas.

We are most excited when clients contact us to work alongside them from the outset of product development so we can tailor the subsequent packaging required. Designing a pack with the end in mind is imperative for the durability and longevity of the pack and its product.