A team of packaging expert consultants with over 35 years experience in the industry.

PackTech Solutions’ director, Pierre Pienaar, founded the company with the intention of contributing his comprehensive packaging expertise to businesses across all industries. Coming from the pharmaceutical industry where there is no room for error, Pierre established an impeccable standard for packaging solutions which filter through the entire PackTech approach. Our packaging expert consultants have qualifications and experience in production management, meaning we can support you to iron out any minor (yet significant) problems that are contributing to persistent packaging headaches.

Whatever your packaging needs, you can be sure of our commitment to finding the right solution for your situation.

Working together to change the perception of packaging in the eye of the consumer

Through education, we believe that consumers can come to appreciate the value and importance of packaging; particularly if appropriately recycled. Our packaging expert consultants work directly with organisations and companies to train staff to be the smartest, most informed designers, producers and consumers of packaging. This added knowledge within a company always leads to fewer problems and greater cost savings—both for their business and for the planet.

Sustainable packaging, that has the lowest possible impact on the environment is an endeavour we are incredibly passionate about pursuing here at PackTech. We are very aware we cannot fight this cause on our own. We educate consumers wherever we can, and our expert packaging consultants work directly with testing labs. Visiting packaging producers around the world, our team attends conferences and expos regularly to ensure we have the latest knowledge in sustainable packaging ideas.

We are most excited when clients contact us to work alongside them from the outset of product development so we can tailor the subsequent packaging required. Designing a pack with the end in mind is imperative for the durability and longevity of the pack and its product.

Alleviate your packaging headaches

Expert packaging solutions

How we can help you

We find solutions for more effective, efficient and economical packaging.

  • Packaging cost reduction
  • Standardising packaging
  • Rationalising packaging
  • Material selection and sourcing
  • Procurement assistance in componentry, machinery
  • Specification management
  • Auditing of packaging suppliers
  • Supply chain assessment
  • Design with distribution in mind
  • Design with environment in mind
  • Sustainable design
  • Concept generation
  • Packaging education
  • Production line assessment
  • Packaging problem solving
  • Expert legal witness
  • Referral to solutions