Industry leaders

When it comes to packaging design solutions and packaging expertise, there are few more experienced or qualified than PackTech’s Director, Pierre Pienaar.

A global leader in the packaging industry, Pierre brings over 35 years’ experience and numerous qualifications in production management. A key consultant for our company across Australia and around the world, he has been awarded the highly regarded, internationally recognised designation Certified Packaging Professional (CPP). When not delivering papers on current global trends at international conferences, Pierre is regularly called on by the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) to lecture for them. One of our key facilitators of workshops and in-house training in the corporate and education sectors, Pierre plays a pivotal role in the development of packaging design solutions for all our clients.

Our guarantee: if we can’t help you solve your packaging problem, we will find someone who can.

Extensive international network

Our director, Pierre, is currently President of the World Packaging Organisation (WPO).

This role brings a wealth of global networking opportunities to PackTech’s clients. Additionally, our team is in contact daily with a range of experts in packaging design solutions and other specialisations within the field. These connections prove invaluable for our clients, not least in reducing costs. We’re dedicated to getting the best service for every client and draw on our network in order to bring this commitment to life.

Comprehensive experience and knowledge

A wide-ranging understanding of materials, machinery and packaging technology across multiple industries.

We can help you to address the full spectrum of packaging challenges with our packaging design solutions: from ensuring packaging is tamper evident, counterfeit proof and child resistant whilst still remaining accessible to the elderly or consumers with disabilities, to developing sustainable packaging solutions that are cost-effective and earth-friendly.

Whether purchasing or procurement, production lines, marketing, design, technical, supplier audits or specifications, our team works sensitively alongside all departments. Whatever your key objective—be it design, material choice, equipment or machinery selection, sustainable and environmental considerations—we bring our years of expertise to help you find the most economical, sustainable packaging design solution.

With experience on production lines and with supply chains, we are able to work with clients in all industries when packaging is their problem or their challenge. Effective packaging – from the cradle to the grave – requires scientific and engineering knowledge to ensure minimal risk of error when considering all components of the pack.

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