Educate your team

We support the furthering of packaging education by offering courses and tailored training.

Packaging is a science. Companies often expect staff to have material, production, design and marketing knowledge around the science of packaging. However, unless this is your speciality, you have received packaging education, or a company has a dedicated, trained packaging technologist, there can be much frustration between departments. Not only can this disrupt the flow within the workplace, it can end up costing you financially.

The PackTech Solutions team brings their expertise and knowledge to training days for your staff. We can tailor the training to home in on the specific packaging of your products. Whatever the problem you may be facing with your packaging—be it in manufacturing, production or otherwise—there isn’t a solution that can’t be found through further packaging education of those responsible at each part of the process.

Reduce overheads and increase productivity by educating your staff on packaging

Full/half day courses

Depending on your needs, we can provide courses designed to increase team packaging education specific to your business.

One-on-one staff training

If just one or two people need to increase their packaging knowledge, we can work on a smaller scale within your business.

University lecturing

Our director, Pierre Pienaar, lectures at numerous universities around the world and can bring his expertise to your institution. He lectures around the world at an undergrad and post grad level with, amongst others, Design and Food Science students.

High school lecturing

We are passionate about working with future generations to ensure the effective management of packaging to avoid waste—both of food and packaging. We work within the sustainability thread woven into the National Australian Curriculum.


What our packaging education covers

  • Packaging design
  • Material science and packaging
  • Product handling
  • Packaging practices
  • Shelf life extension
  • Packaging economics
  • Packaging standards and regulations
  • Design of accessible packaging
  • Modified atmosphere packaging and barrier materials
  • Corrugated cartons
  • Packaging specifications
  • Packaging and the supply chain
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging
  • Packaging and the production line
  • Advance plastics in packaging
  • Adhesives and labelling in packaging

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